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Okay so I got tagged recently and then spotted another journal I figured I'd join in with~
So here they are, read the first one to see about getting a feature! ^^


For each of the 20 first people answering this journal, I will put their avatar and the three deviations I like most from their gallery on the list!
If you answer, you have to do the same in your journal, putting the tagger on the first place. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!

1. :iconx3chibix3:
Adell and Rozalin by x3Chibix3 .:Eyes of the forrest:. by x3Chibix3 Change of Clothes..? by x3Chibix3

2. :iconeclipsemeteor:
Halo Spartan Female by EclipseMeteor Ladies Sketch Dump by EclipseMeteor A Hooded, Masked Swordsman by EclipseMeteor
3. :iconsakesend:
:Chibi Gift: Star by sakesend Naruto - Sakura Haruno by sakesend Happy Birthday Amai--Kiss by sakesend
4. :iconicyshadowlord: (Each of these tagged, I refer to the entire story/series, not just the chapter shown)
Soga Sister prequel 10Gifted by the Gods
While the youkai problems at the village had come to an abrupt end after Manami Shimizu's last visit a week ago, the Soga sisters were focusing on another unusual event now affecting the village as those involved with youkai and the local shrine had suddenly begun to manifest supernatural powers. Kuniko had gained the power to invoke fear in others, while Hitomi gained a limited form of precognition and Mariko was able to affect people's minds when it came to using common sense.
Though all three were interested in finding out about the source of these powers, the Soga sisters were forced to take care of other things, as their parents had taken note of their conflicts with the girls of the Sugawara and Ōtomo clans. "What is this I have heard about your quarrels with our fellow nobles, Kuniko and Mariko?" Frowning at the question given by her father, Kuniko gave an answer in a slightly annoyed tone. "I have never provoked either of those two and neither has Mariko
Touhou fanfic part 28Finale (Epilogue)
The battle against Chrysanthe was under way with both Reimu and Marisa forcing their opponent to using increasingly powerful spellcards, getting caught by surprise as the woman's tactics had suddenly changed, the death spirit suddenly jumping over to attack them in melee combat. However, this tactic began to backfire as the two humans fought back with a gohei and a broom, managing to gain the upper hand as the darkness caused by the death spirit's spellcard disappeared.
However, the battle continued with more special attacks being used, with the death spirit summoning forth stones from the realms of Hades itself at the two before needing to continue with another danmaku barrage. While the battle carried on, the woman yelled out to her opponents, who were both injured and rather fed up with the fight by now. "Come on, don't tell me you two are already too tired to fight? I still have a few more tricks for you to see."
Just then, the woman took out yet another card, cal
Demon Lord Days: EliseNight of Introspection
Elise Lindelle, the only angel to currently hold the title of demon lord, had spent the last few weeks attending diplomatic meetings with others who had the same title, only now taking time to relax and think over things. As the afternoon went on, the woman finished the last of her assignments while the legion of maids and servants working within the castle walls were finishing up their own chores for the day.
In a hallway located in the second floor, the demon maid Maria looked around before carrying on with sweeping dust and dirt away from the expensive red carpet going from one end of the hallway to the other. Her tail wagged from one side to the other, and she seemed to be thinking out loud as she spoke, aware of the fact that she was alone. "I hope Elise is okay...she hasn't even looked for me yet..."
Letting out a sigh while thinking about her mistress, the maid was not being at all subtle about her adoration towards the fallen angel herself. Much to her su

5. :iconkingdufbeer:
Touwa Erio - Denpa Onna To Seishun Otoko by kingdufbeer Colored version of the To Love Ru Sisters by kingdufbeer Nymph from Sora No Otoshimono by kingdufbeer

Next one! Its reaallllyyy long DX


Tagged by :iconentheofuschia:

1. You must post these rules. Kind of a no brainer, if you want people to know the rules.
2. Each person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create ten new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5. Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged them. It's a lot of work for me.
6. No tag backs. This means you can't have tagged someone that tagged you.
7. No crap in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this." You legitimately have to tag 10 people. Just because.


So, ten things about me...I've done this too many times...lets start off with what my tagger put and take it from there.

1. Born and bred in the United Kingdom, in the crappy old town of Oldham, just outside of Manchester

2. My manga collection is now just about over the 120-130 book limit...and its still not enough!!

3. I have always been interesting in travelling the world, I mean yeah I would like to see Japan up close etc etc but I have always had an interest in just seems like such a nice, peaceful place to be, y'know? Bloody expensive though.

4. For all the gamers out there, I have hit a rather impressive 71,500G on my Xbox Live account...but thats only because I've had a 360 ever since they came out XD But I have a PS3 as well...I'm

5. I've never had any pets before, I did want a cat when I was younger but as my parents were always busy working, no one would be around to look after him/her so...I guess I missed out on that childhood experience. (There's always one)

6. Being at university now pretty much gives away the fact I am striving for the best and only the best. My hope is to become a top Games Programmer, fingers crossed~

7. My all time favourite game series will always be Disgaea without a shadow of a doubt, I have other favourite games that sit out on their own but Disgaea is just one of those series I have been loyal to since day one and that will never change. Vulcan Blaze ftw.

8. Not sure if anyone put the pieces together but according to my journals, I have been drinking Coca Cola Zero for the best part of two years...and that is nothing short of the truth.

9. I have never cosplayed before but I have always wanted to try...funnily enough my first time cosplaying will be as a female character but it'll be sooo funny and a great day out!

10. Last fact, hmm...the longest amout of time I have spent on a game is around 650 hours on...(guess what?) ...Disgaea 2! I loved that game so much, still do.


Right, now I gotta answer the questions that :iconentheofuschia: gave me...

1. Favourite anime.

I do often wonder if this changes in my mind but it really doesn't. Clannad always has been and always will be my favourite anime.

2. Sexual orientation.

Heterosexual. (Very random question that)

3. What wish would you make if you could have one rule free?

I could spend a lifetime thinking about the answer to this question but I think it would be to have the ability to use my latent physical and mental abilities as its suggested all human beings are held back by their bodies. But if I could utilise 100% of my capabilities, that would make me...pretty damn awesome yo. :meow:

4. Male or female?

Male. Nice and easy.

5. Favourite food.

Pizza. Every goddamn time.

6. The most repulsive thing you ever ate.

I'd make a 'Your Mum' joke here to be as original as ever but lets just tell the truth shall we? It was a Fig. Made me throw up almost instantly...couldn't stand the taste or anything...ugh.

7. How you handled your first crush.

How I handled it..? I stuck around her so much out of sheer liking for this girl that I ended up dating her...go me. Very strange experience that, your first real attraction towards someone.

8. What crime are you most likely to commit, and why?

Heh, this is a good one. I'd definitely say some kind of devious theft or fraud, despite the ends not justifying the means...I would still find it exhilarating.

9. If you had to enter a confession stand, what sin would you admit to the priest?

Probably that I was rather consistent with my lying about going to mother never found out once and I skipped like...a lot of lessons. Still came out with more grades than I knew what to do with haha

10. How did you get on to DeviantART? Let's hear some back story.

First off, my taggers answer to his question 10 was rather poetic, kudos.
As for me, I got started simply by my good friend discussing with me about learning to draw and pointed me right to dA, I have never looked back. Of course most would argue I haven't learnt to draw at all but just take my gallery as it comes. I wish I had a more interesting story to tell but I don't ^^;


Now, 10 people to tag...












And finally I have to make up 10 questions for those I tagged...

1. Favourite Anime.

2. Favourite Manga. Try not to say the same as you did for question 1 if the series has both an anime and a manga unless its like...your die-hard series lol

3. Favourite game.

4. The thing you are most proud of. This can be absolutely anything from an essay you wrote in school to the kitchen sink

5. If you could live somewhere for free for just one day, where would it be? I don't necessarily mean somewhere on Earth either.

6. What fascinates you most in life? Lets get philosophical~

7. Your scariest nightmare...if you can remember it.

8. Your catchphrase. Everyone has one, secretly.

9. Where you see yourself in 5 years time.

10. Your funniest joke! Make 'em roar.

I hope you enjoyed reading the tags...if you could be bothered lol

Ciao for now :meow:
  • Listening to: Dead END - Faylan (Mirai Nikki OP 2)
  • Reading: Omamori Himari 6
  • Watching: Too much...
  • Playing: Warriors Orochi 3 and Disgaea 4
  • Eating: Biscuits~
  • Drinking: Coca Cola Zero (still)
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